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   The Purpose

College is a very exciting chapter in our lives rich with new experiences, relationships and perspectives about the world. Within the safety of our cocoons during our studies, we often avoid the thought of transitioning from exam schedules and society meetings to resume building, and networking mixers. There's a lot of anxiety involved in the thought of graduating. Especially for students graduating into a world that is economically and socially unlike the one that their parents thrived in. With nothing to look forward to outside of the satirical humor of growing up and going into debt; many college juniors and seniors feel defeated in their efforts and discouraged with their goals.  This graduation planning and coaching service, was created to alleviate the anxiety in the process of graduation. Students who enroll in this service will work with the coach to design a map of their post-graduate life, that allows them to realize their visions and gain a realistic perspective on how to overcome existing and future challenges. Financial guardians will experience the peace of mind of knowing their graduate has direction and is prepared to tackle the world. 



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Shampaigne Graves, CPC 

International Coach Federation Certified Professional 

Co-Owner of Endurance 4 Life Training & Wellness, LLC



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